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IIA LISTINGS: Properties For Sale in ENUGU

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Contact Us as soon you spot a property that you are interested in, we look forward to hearing from you!

FOR SALE- Commercial Properties in ENUGU

Uncompleted purpose built hotelIndependence Layout500
Uncompleted 28 rooms hotel on three floorsGariki, Awkunanaw70
Warehouse on one floor: 356.392sqmNike Road, Abakpa Nike22
Well secured student hostelMonarch Avenue (Asking Price)20
Factory building site area 1.2hectaresEbony Paint Road Awkunanaw300

FOR SALE- Residential Buildings in ENUGU

Building on two floorsTwo blocks of building on two floors eachKenyatta Street Uwani35m
Building on three floorsA block of building on three floorsOgui Road60m
22 bedroom flatLomalinda, Independence Layout5m
22 bedroom bungalowRCC Transekulu15m
33 bedroom bungalowRCC Transekulu20m
33 bedroom bungalow(NEW)Transekulu16m
33 bedroom bungalow on 586sqm of landUpper Chime, New Haven20m
3A mini estate of 6nos 3 bedroom bungalow on 2,420sqm38m
3505.826sqm residential plot of land with 3bedroom bungalow and 6room bqAmazing Love Crescent odd Nike Lake Road, Ugbene II7m
33 bedroom flatNew G.R.A15m
3Block of 4 flats with 3 room bq. Title: Cof Oopp City Park Hotel38m
3Blocks of 4 flats(3 bedroom). Title: Power of AttorneyPlot 7,8,12 & 13 Nkpologwu Layout behind Free Town Hotel40m(Asking) per block (2 Available)
3A block of 12nos 3bedroom flatsOwelli Street Achara Layout45m
3A block of 4nos 3bedroom flatUwani30m
42 nos 4 bedroom detached house. Title: Good and marketablePocket Layout(Zoo ext)33m & 35m
4A 4 bedroom detached houseEdo link,housng estate of College Road22m
43 units of 4 bedroom bungalowNew G.R.A18m(asking)
42 nos 4 bedroom semi detached duplex with 3 bedroom flat pent house. Size 1,599sqm. Title C of OCorridor Layout120m
4Two wings of semi detached 4bedroom duplex with 2 rooms servant quarterUmuoji Street, Independence Layout50m
44 bedroom semi detached duplexRCC Transekulu25m
4A 4 bedroom duplexNorth eight Trans ekulu25m
4Developed property with 4 bedroom duplex, 4 bedroom servant quarter and 2 bedroom guest house on about 5,460sqm of land. Title: Deed of AssignmentAria Road, G.R.A, Enugu60m
55 bedroom detached storey house with one room servant quartersUpper North 5th Trans ekulu24m
52 units of 5bedroom semi detached houses and 2 units 2bedroom bq on land size of over 1,600sqmoff Umuoji Street Independence Layout55m
55 bedroom duplex with 3 rooms bqIndustrial Layout25m
55 bedroom detached duplexAmichi Close, Independence Layout35m
55 bedrooms plus two room bqMarket Garden. G.R.A60m
55 bedroom building on 1200sqm of landOtigba round about130m
6Residential development comprising 6bedroom detached house, guest chalet, bq, squash court, gate house all on about 4,200sqm of landG.R.A230m
62 nos 6 bedroom detached storey house with one room servant quarter while the other has 2 room servant quarter and a gate house on a land measuring above 3,000sqmBehind CBN, Okpara Avenue100m
66 bedroom detached houseCooperative Estate, Abakpa18m
6Newily built 6 bedroom detached houseCorridor Layout Extension30m
66 bedroom duplexoff Industrial Layout25m
62 nos 6 bedroom duplex with 4 bedroom bungalowGolf 1 Estate opp shopping complex, Trade fair50m
BungalowEdozie Street,Uwani28m
Twin bungalow on 2,500sqm of land bound with high walls and gateNew G.R.A, Phase IV40m each asking
2 units of BungalowAloke Street, Trans ekulu, Phase 618m
Tenement bungalow on 400sqm of landalong Ogui Road40m
Twin duplexes sitting on almost 3000sqm of landG.R.A120m
Residential propertyVita Gracia Estate85m


380sqm & 400sqmLand measuring 400sqm and 380sqm developed with a single floor buildingBoundin with mill at New Abakaliki LayoutOn request
420sqmA plot of land measuring 420sqmLiberty Estate Phase II, Independence Layout15m
462sqmA plot of land measuring 462sqmNkwubor Nike600,000naira
470sqmPlots of land measuring 470sqmNyama Urban River Layout Awkunanaw1.5m, 2m, 3.5m, asking
500sqmPlots of land measuring 500sqm eachUzam Animkpe Pocket Layout Close to the Airport4m each
500sqmAbout 500sqm residential plots of landNew Jerusalem and Premier Layouts1m - 1.5m
500sqmLand measuring approx. 500sqmNew Abakaliki Layout5.5m
540sqmPlot of land measuring 540sqm with C of OGateway Layout along Nike Lake Road, Ibagwa Nike3m
585sqmLand 585sqmPremier Layout6.5m
600sqm600sqm commercial landPark Avenue26m
600sqmPlot of land measuring 600sqmPremier Layout7.5m
600sqmSub divded plot of land of about 600sqmCorridor Layout15m
679sqmParcels of land measuring 679sqmOsmiri Street12m
763sqm & 769sqmLand measuring 763sqm and 769sqm(fenced). Title: C of ONew Abakaliki Layout12m
900sqmAbout 900sqm residential plot of landPremier Layoutbetween 14m - 16m
916sqmA fenced plot of land measuring 916sqm plus security houseUnity Estate Independence Layout15m asking
1,008sqmA plot of land measuring 1,008sqmAbomimi Crescent, Independence Layout25m
1,029sqmA plot of land measuring 1,029sqm with C of ONkpokiti22m
1,100sqmLand 1,100sqmLand by Bethel Layout8m
1,100sqmA plot of land measuring about 1,100sqmFederal Ministry of Agriculture Independence Layout16m
1,200sqm1,200sqm residential plot of landRepublic Layoutbetween 12m - 16m
1,200sqm1,200sqm corner piece landAlong Okpara Avenue120m
1,215sqmA plot of land measuring 1,215sqmBehind Anamco Emene7m asking
1,273sqmA plot of land measuring 1,273.42sqm with servant quartersOld G.R.A around FRCN25m
1,400sqm1,400sqm residential plot of landRepublic Layout20m
1,400sqmLand measuring 1,400sqmAirport Road25m
1,500sqmDuplex on 1,500sqmG.R.A80m
1,500sqmAbove 1,500sqm plot of landNew Industrial Layout9m
1,500sqmA 1,500sqm fenced residential plot of landAlvan Ikoku Ind. Layout60m
1,500sqmLand of about 1,500sqm for lease i.e. bush bar etc.opp. Victoria Suite near Zenith Bank Trans ekuluUpon request
1,600sqmFenced plot of land measuring 1,600sqmCorridor Layout17m
1,794.472sqmLand measuring 1,794.472sqmPremier Layout23m
2,000sqmPartly fenced 2,000sqm landBehind Redeem Church, Okpara Avenue50m
2,000sqm2,000sqm corner piece landTemple Avenue, off Okpara Avenue150m
2,000sqmLand measuring 2,000sqmBeside bakery at Golf Estate40m
2,300sqm2,300sqm of landNteje Street55m asking
2,900sqmA fenced plot of land with security house measuring 2,900sqmIbusa Avenue Independence Layout120m asking
3,000sqmA plot of land measuring about 3,000sqmIndependence Layout Phase II Enugu along Enugu Portharcourt Expressway18m
3,600sqmPlot of land measuring 3,600sqmStandard Layout by Old Road Emene42m
4,200sqmLand measuring 4,200sqm with appurteanancesAkpabio175m
5,000sqmLand measuring 5,000sqmBilante80m
5,260sqmResidential development on land measuring 5,260sqmWorks Road65m
20.15 hectares20.15 hectares of landIyioku Land Ibeagwa Nike Community500m asking
Parcel of land fenced with gateCBN Quarters Trans ekuluUpon request
Land of various sizesRepublic Layout15m - 26m

Contact Us as soon you spot a property that you are interested in, we look forward to hearing from you!

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3 comments on “IIA LISTINGS: Properties For Sale in ENUGU”

  1. milky GEE says:


    Do you have 2000sqm of land or with house in Enugu near independence layout or GRA Enugu?

    1. Hello Sir, Thank you for contacting us and please accept our sincere apologies for the late response. We do have land measuring from range of 2,000square metres to 15,000square metres within independence Layout, Enugu. You may contact us for enquiries in this regard.

  2. Miliky Gee says:

    Yes Please,
    I will be in Nigeria next 2 weeks but you can send me the options you have so I can ask my wife in Enugu to visit you before I arrive.

    Best Regards

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